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K2 "Live Drive To 2000"  c-60 2 long live tracks by K2 at 20000V (Tokyo) and METRO (Kyoto). Very loud sound walls.
K2 vs RLW "Noise Tournament vol.3"  7"EP German musique conrete master, RLW (ex-leader of P16.D4), made an excellent collage track, and Japanese harsh noise king, K2, made a brilliant collage track with metal junks and RLW material. A MUST!
\1000   * a few stock
K2 vs RUNZERSTIRN & GURGELSTOCK "Noise Tournament vol.4"  7"EP Switzerland curious collage unit, R&G, made a quiet and ambient collage sound, and Japanese harsh noise king, K2, made a comical or
serious collage sound. R&G with K2 side is a track of K2 with R&G, and
K2 with R&G side is a track of R&G with K2.
K2 vs AUBE "Noise Tournament vol. 5"  7"EP   Japanese noise designer, AUBE, made a very harsh and minimal track in which he used K2's metal junk materials, and Japanese harsh noise king, K2, made a harsh electronic cut-up track in which he used AUBE's
1VCO materials. AUBE with K2 side is a track of K2 with AUBE, and K2
with AUBE side is a track of AUBE with K2.
K2 vs SMELL & QUIM  "Noise Tournament vol. 6"  UK queer noise maker, S&Q, made a minimal and very curious Lo-Fi track, and Japanese harsh noise master, K2, made a metal junk cut-up noise including Terry Tharabus's soundtrack. Very unique!
K2 vs HANDS TO  "Noise Tournament vol. 7"   7"EP USA veterane musique concrete unit by Jeff Jerman, HANDS TO, made an ambient and broken musique conrete track, and Japanese harsh noise king, K2, made a strong and harsh speed-up noise track. A MUST!
K2/MACRONYMPHA "Biometrics"  LP split and collaboration tracks by USA destruction noise king, MACRONYMPHA, and Japanese harsh metal junk noise master, K2. very
beutiful sleeve and harsh noise typhoon! Co-released by RRR and KMI.
K2 "The Rust" K2's third CD work through KMI, including four harsh metal junk
cut-up noise tracks. These tracks attack your aural nerves, directly!
K2 "Sexencyclopedia"   4xCDs set(300 copies limited editions)  K2's memorial work! 4xCDs set, not CD-Rs!!!! Disc 1 included
three long previously unreleased tracks, Disc2 included four re-mixed tracks, Disc 3 included two K2 live tracks and one collaboration live track by K2+INCAPACITABTS, and Disc 4 included five newly recording
tracks. K2 used not only metal junks, but also cheap analog
synthesizers. No MIDI sampler, No digital synthesizer, No lapotp
computor!!! Very loud sound walls and high-speed cut-up harsh metal
junk noise work! A MUST!

K2 "In The Monotonous Flowers"   K2's musique concrete work. Rarely recording tracks with numerous
tapes, acoustic instruments, toy instrument, junks, casiotone VA-10, and others. Quiet but sometimes loud! Very excellent collage work!!!!
K2  "Flake Nitro"   CD-R(100 copies limited editions)  \1800    * a few stock
NORD  "Electronic Initiation" CD \2000     * a few stock
KNURL/PYROX  "Phenoscintilate"   CD-R(80 copies limited editions)   \1800 * a few stock

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