The Introduction

    K2 is the personal noise project by Kimihide Kusafuka since 1983.     He had been influenced by early punk rock, no wave ("No New York"!), and industrial music in the late '70 to early '80.      The first period of K2 activity had been related to mail art and music betaween 1983 to 1986.    He had made many cassette works and exchanged them with domestic or world-wide mail art/music artists and labels, although he had not done any live shows.     In the first period, he had gotten close contacts with Masami Akita (MERZBOW), Tadashi Kamata(D.D.RECORDS), G.X. Jupitter-Larsen(THE HATERS),  Richard van Dalen(DE FABRIEK), M.B., D.D.A.A(ILLUSION PRODUCTION), Vittol Varoni(TRAX), and more.    He had been very active in mail art & music scene from 1983 to 1986.    He was also a student in Tokyo Medical and Dental University, and had studied about dental science, especially, pathology, morphology and molecular biology in this period.    He had stopped all of his musical and mail art activities in the end of 1986, and then he had concentrated to pathology.   He had been promoted to post-graduate course (oral pathology) and had gotten D.D.S., Ph.D. in Tokyo Medical and Dental University.     After it, he have becomen a pathologist in Japanese Red Cross Medical Center, Tokyo, Japan.
    Kimihide Kusafuka re-started his musical activity as K2 in the early 1993.  This is the second period of K2 activity.     After he released many old and new cassette works, which consisted of mixture between electronic drone and cut-up noise, he began to use metal junks.     Usually, he uses only metal junks for recording.   In the middle of 1995, he firstly did his live play at the small club in Tokyo.      He usually plays MTR, tapes and modulators with cut-up method for making his harsh noise.     Cut-up method is very important for him to realize his own noise sound.   He has gotten contacts with his old and new friends/labels/artists, again.   Many, many metal junk noise works have been released as cassette, vinyl, CD, or CD-R formats under the name of K2.    He sometimes uses metal junks in his live show.    K2 is the king of metal junk noise!    K2 is also the eternal noise project by Kimihide Kusafuka.    Because he is a whimsical person, he sometimes also makes sound collage works.
    Kimihide Kusafuka is also a memeber of TECHNO MENSES which plays the minimal technoise by digital electronics and rhythm machines, and BONE CLUB which plays loud acoustic improvization by guitar and clarinet.    These units have released a few works.
    Kimihide Kusafuka had been influenced by C. G. Jung, the great psychologist, in his young period.    C.G. Jung found collective subconsciousness in psychological field.   One of Kusaufka's aims is the connection among the collective subconsciousness of listners through his personal harsh and loud noise wall.  If we are able to get such effects, we can have the common collective subconsciousness.   So, we can awake in the loudest noise!     Viva, loud noise!   Viva, K2!

by Yuji Asakura, Professor of Noisology, Chiba Noise Unversity, on June 21, 2002
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